About Jon Lee

Jon LeeJon started go-karting at the age of seven through his father James, who was a championship-winning racer. After two-and-a-half years of training, Jon entered his first race in Malaysia in 2009 in the PLUS Micromax Championship. Despite his school commitments, he completed five rounds of races and ended the campaign in 6th position – the second-best showing among Singaporean drivers. His proudest achievement in 2009 was coming in third at the Red White Sangari International Invitational Kart Prix in Malaysia. The years 2010 and 2011 were bumper years for Jon, as he won two back-to-back Singapore Karting Championship titles. Between 2009 and 2011,
Jon competed in 27 races and achieved 8 wins and 7 podium finishes.

Born:  15 July 1999
Age:  12
Height:  150 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Nationality: Singapore
Category: Junior
Languages: English, Mandarin

Red White Sangari Int’l Invitational Kart Prix – Malaysia (2009)
Singapore Karting Championship (2010)
KRS-KKS Rotax Max Challenge Rd 5- Malaysia (2010)
Rotax Invitational Race – Malaysia (2011)
All Stars Karting Rd 1 – Malaysia 2011
Singapore Karting Championship (2011)
BMS Rok Cup – Singapore (2011)

Q. What do you like about kart-racing?
Jon: Karting is my Passion, Winning is my Goal, F1 is my Dream!
Karting is a sport that is highly physical and requires quick reflexes. It is very challenging & exciting. It teaches me to be able to handle stress in extreme conditions and being a good sportsman by driving hard yet fair. Being a fan of any motor racing sports, I can enjoy and relate through karting.

Q. What makes you a winner?
My ability to excel in both studies and go-karting proves that I am driven and have the aptitude to be a high-achiever.

Q. You are strong academically as well. How do you juggle between sports and studies?
It’s all about time management. During week days, I stay focused in studies and study hard. Saturday is my karting time and I dedicate it for kart practice and training. My tuitions are all packed on Sunday. I have to be disciplined and stick to the above routine dutifully in order to balance between my studies and karting.

Q. You’ve progressed through the levels and won several races and titles. But this year is a new challenge for you in the junior category. How are you preparing yourself?
2012 is going to be an exciting year for me as I will be facing two new changes and challenges – studying in Victoria School (new inaugural 6-year programme VCA IP) and moving up to the junior category in karting, which is faster and more competitive. It will be a new level of playing field for me but I will continue to strive for the best result in
every race.

Q. What’s the next step for you?
I’m working hard in order to graduate from karting to single-seater car racing in the future, and work towards my dream of being a professional race car driver.

Below is a promotional video of Jon Lee made in 2011 when he won the first round of 2011 Singapore Karting Championship. Jon later went on to win the overall championship for the cadet category.

Jon’s exclusive interview with Mark Webber!

Interview with the Lee family after SKC Rd 2 by SKC

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