Team Principal—Raymond Low

Team Principal Raymond LowDrakar Racing Team Chief and co-principal of Kartmaster Drakar Racing Team,
Mr. Raymond Low share his thoughts and plans on growing motorsports in Singapore.

Why are you doing this?
Raymond: There are lots of raw gems out there waiting to be unearthed and, when given the right tools, support and opportunities, they can be polished into bright diamonds. That’s what Drakar wants to do –grooming young talents.

You talk about wanting to see Singapore motor-racing succeed. How can Drakar help to achieve that?
Well, a house will never be erected properly without a good foundation.

Kart-racing is widely recognized as the foundation for any race driver. That’s where they learn their basics. To succeed in any form of racing, they must first have a strong grounding – and that can be gained from kart-racing.

I am a proud and patriotic Singaporean, and it’s my hope to see a Singaporean race for our country on an international stage. And in my bid to see that come to fruition, I now provide a platform for young drivers to get their foundation right and give it a go.

So Drakar wants to be like an Academy for local drivers?
That’s our ULTIMATE aim. The Holy Grail. Something that we want to work towards.

But we are not dreamers. We are realistic people. Right now, we do not have the resources to do that. But yes, that’s our plan for the future.

But that doesn’t mean we stop working and give up. Rome is not built in a day. So we start NOW by putting the little bricks in place first.

That’s why we drafted some of the best young drivers into our team, engage the technical expertise of Roland Chong, who is a respected veteran in the motor-racing scene. We woo corporate partnerships to boost our resources so that we can provide more for our drivers. And now, as you can see, we are engaging the media to garner support from the public.

To be the nursery of Singapore motor-racing is our future goal. We will be naïve to say we can do it now. Without more support from corporate partners and the media, we can’t. So we are urging corporate partners and the media to back us, and back our dream.

If I am a young driver looking for a chance, what will Drakar do for me?
For a start, Drakar will speak to you and offer you a couple of free practice sessions, where you will be assessed by our Technical Director. If our TD thinks you are not really cut out for it, he will advise you to pursue karting as a hobby.

If you have the potential, TD will discuss with you, your parents, and me and see what Drakar can do to help you in your development. If everything is agreeable, we will invite you to join our team, where we’ll provide technical assistance, training, and equipment, and enter you into races – all to the best of our available resources.

That’s just a rough flow of what we will do for the kid. It’s all really case-by-case and we will tweak our approach wherever applicable.

We see a veteran driver in Drakar…
We admire Leon’s passion and see no reason why we shouldn’t support him – regardless his age. His experience will prove to be invaluable for our youngsters.

So what are Drakar’s immediate targets?
We want to do our best in every race we enter in – starting from the Singapore Karting Championships later this month (April).

Winning is a great, but it is not our stringent bottom-line. If we win, great. If we don’t, we are still winners as the experience that these young drivers gained from the competition will be invaluable for their future progress.

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